Treatment of Ingrown Toenails

Kanveni Clinic - S/R National Center of Dermatology and Venereology offers the treatment of ingrown nails absolutely painless and bloodless with the latest technology! With the help of leading experts of the Podology Department of the Clinic, your problem will be fully solved.

Group Psycho-Rehabilitation Course

The Institute of Clinical Oncology offers patients a group psycho-rehabilitation course. The purpose of group meetings is to support patients so that they can better analyze and accept the problem that helps and contributes to the effectiveness of treatment. Psychological rehabilitation groups will also help you to relieve a severe depression and restlessness caused by a long and fatiguing illness.

Laser Rejuvenation

Novelty in the clinic Total Charm! Discover the innovative device from Bluecore Company to achieve the best aesthetic result! ZenPro 30W is a fractional CO2 laser system. ZenPro is one of the most powerful narrow beam lasers that provides precise energy delivery at a deep and surface level, making it particularly fast and safe.

Psychological Rehabilitation of Cardiac Patients

Cardiovascular diseases in Georgia rank first in terms of disability and mortality. In case of timely cardiac surgery and psychological rehabilitation, the patient returns to an active life.
Cardiovascular surgery is performed using highly advanced technologies.

Computer Aided Diagnosis of Foot

Flatfoot is a pathology that never occurs in isolation. It is often the cause or concomitant pathology in a number of diseases.
Timely diagnosis is of great importance for protection against existing threats.
That is why the Terdi Clinic gives you the opportunity to undergo computer aided diagnosis of your feet...