Group Psycho-Rehabilitation Course

20 Feb 2020 Promotions

The Institute of Clinical Oncology offers patients a group psycho-rehabilitation course.

The purpose of group meetings is to support patients so that they can better analyze and accept the problem that helps and contributes to the effectiveness of treatment.

Psychological rehabilitation groups will also help you to relieve a severe depression and restlessness caused by a long and fatiguing illness.

You will be able to express your emotions, learn about the experience of others that will positively affect your psycho-emotional state.

A group meeting with patients is held only after their consent.

During the meeting, the patient’s national, cultural and religious views will be considered.

The first meeting will be held on January 20, Friday, at 15.00.

Those whore are interested can contact us at 593 000 464, Mari Kutateladze.

Attendance is free.

Contact Information:

Institute of Clinical Oncology
Tbilisi, 0159 Georgia
N5 Lubliana str., Digomi
(Former Railway Hospital, III floor)
Tel:   +995 322 516 800