Irakli Porchkhidze MD.

Irakli Porchkhidze MD.

Radiologist, CT/MRI Specialist, Nuclear Medicine Specialist


Irakli Porchkhidze - The credo of life

Being a doctor means living your life on the watch of other people’s health and well-being. Punctuality, empathy, thoughtfulness, and collegiality are my motto in relation with patients.


Working Place

Aversi Clinic Central Branch

27b Vazha-Pshavela ave., Tbilisi, Georgia

(032) 2 500 700

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Mon.-Fri. – 10:00 – 17:00

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Professional Skills

Health Care 100%
Patient Relationship 100%
Professional Development 100%

Personal Information

Irakli Porchkhidze

Date of Birth: 26.06.1983

Specialty: Radiologist, CT/MRI specialist, nuclear medicine specialist

Place of work/ Position:

  • Aversi Clinic, Radiologist of the Radiological Service Department.

Field of activity: RadiologyCT & MRI, Nuclear Medicine.

Medical experience: since 2006

  • 2000-2006 – Tbilisi State Medical University; Faculty of Medicine;
  • 2006-2008 – Kyiv Shupik Medical Academy; Clinical residency in general radiology;
  • 2018-2019 – Further education of TSSU diploma; Residency in nuclear medicine.
  • 2006-2008 – Kyiv Regional Hospital, doctor radiologist;
  • 2008-2012 – Kutaisi National Medical Center named after Z. Tskhakaya, a doctor radiologist;
  • 2010-2014 – Kutaisi St. Nicholas Clinic, doctor radiologist;
  • 2012-2014 – Kutaisi L&J Clinic, doctor radiologist;
  • 2014 – 2018 – Nuclear Medicine Center of Avers Clinic; doctor radiologist;
  • Since 2015, Aversi Clinic, Radiologist of the Radiological Service Department.
  • Member of the European Association of Radiologists;
  • Member of the European Nuclear Medicine Association;
  • Co-Founder/Member of the Georgian Nuclear Medicine Association.
  • Since 2013, participated in various local and international conferences and congresses, seminars and trainings, and has the relevant certificates.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluent
English – Fluent