“The Georgian patients will obtain high-quality surgical services without leaving the country” – Khatuna Kaladze MD, PhD.

Medical treatment abroad for the Georgian population often is the only way to save life as some medical procedures are unavailable in our country.

Perhaps that is why a practice of medical treatment abroad has been developed in recent years for the purpose of receiving better medical care.

What was the purpose in establishing the company “Elite Surgeons International” in Georgia? What is offered by the company to the Georgian patients and what are the company’s plans in the nearest future? The journalist of our section “Interview with Doctors” of the medical portal VIPMED.GE has talked to one of the founders of “Elite Surgeons International” in Georgia, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Khatuna Kaladze on these and other interesting issues.

– Mrs. Khatuna, tell us about your purposes.

– Our purpose is to offer the Georgian patients high-quality surgical services without leaving the country and to create maximum comfort at minimal costs, as well as to improve qualifications of young surgeons of Georgia, develop medical tourism and present Georgia as the country of modern standard health tourism, attract foreign patients and provide them high-quality surgical services.

For this purpose the company “Elite Surgeons International” was established, which is the branch of the “World Elite Surgeons”.

“World Elite Surgeons” is an association of the world’s best surgeons and surgeons of the highest qualification which are considered to be the leading experts of the international significance. Successful collaboration was established by their will and our great desire.

Foreign surgeons plan to visit Georgia for one week once a month and to establish the highest, international, modern standards by providing adequate services, including use of intraoperative innovative technology and also the patient’s perioperative (pre- and postoperative) management. All of this is aimed at the early diagnosis of diseases, high-quality of the patient’s life and minimum discomfort after surgical interventions.

At the first stage we plan to start from abdominal surgery. In the future we will invite orthopedic, neurosurgical, pediatric surgical and other teams of surgeons who will perform minimal invasive interventions of the international standards in Georgia.

Our first cooperation with the Elite Surgeons International took place on June 1, in the clinic of the National Centre of Surgery “New life” when founders of World Elite Surgeons had arrived. Among them there were famous Australian professor William Brawn and the German professor Konrad Karcz – the honorary adviser of the company and international expert. Operations were successfully performed.

We strongly hope that in the future we will do a good deed for the Georgian patients as well. I would also like to emphasize that our desire is the maximum involvement of the Georgian surgeons in this project. For this purpose we plan to organize free trainings abroad for a few weeks and in the future to involve them in the World Elite Surgeons project. We are ready to cooperate with them.

Within a week-long visit of surgeons of World Elite Surgeons to Georgia we would like to devote one day to a humanitarian act which means that operations will be performed on those patients which have no sufficient sum for operation. We would really like to provide free operations to mothers of many children.

The first official visit of surgeons of World Elite Surgeon is planned at the end of October of this year. We hope to perform high-quality surgeries. Our website will be ready soon (the Facebook page already exists), by means of which we will provide full information to patients. Each visit of foreign doctors to Georgia will have media coverage so that everyone knows what is being done.

– What is new in respect to the equipment?

– Within the recent visit foreign surgeons have brought all necessary materials for operation as we plan to perform such types of operations which aren’t performed at all or are seldom performed in Georgia.

In the future we plan to implement the Robotic Surgery in Georgia.

– What is meant by the robot surgery?

– The robot surgery is the special equipment well known in Georgia, but operations of this type are not yet performed in Georgia because of the high cost of the equipment, and we have no doctors, which are specially trained in this direction. First of all the robot surgery is focused on wellbeing of patients, simplification of the surgical techniques, reduction in intraoperative and postoperative time, early diagnostics and rehabilitation. This type of operational intervention is rather expensive, but proceeding from reduction in the post-operational rehabilitation period it will cause reduction of expenses for patients and clinics. Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine.

We would also like to reduce the patient’s hospital stay because every day at the hospital is related to heavy expenses for clinic and the patient.

– With which Georgian clinics do you plan to cooperate?

– We have met recently with the management of “Aversi” network of clinics and “MediClubGeorgia”, we plan to cooperate with the National Center of Surgery and its clinic the “New Life”.

It can be said that they possess surgery rooms and laboratories equipped with the highest-quality equipment in Georgia, but it doesn’t mean that we refuse to cooperate with other clinics. We are open for cooperation with all those structures which will offer us something important.

It is planned to develop minimally invasive oncology surgery and complex approach in the management of such patients – this will be possible in the National Center of Surgery as they have a solid base which will allow us to manage oncologic patients.

We hope that in the future we will be able to go to other cities and regions too.

We would like to organize a conference on the mistakes made during operations in the nearest future.

In October operations will be performed in the clinics “New life” and “MediClubGeorgia”.

We plan to perform metabolic-surgical, bariatric operations as you know that obesity is a global epidemic of the 21st century and can cause many diseases. Surgeons as well as endocrinologists, gynecologists, andrologists, psychologists and rehabilitation therapists will be involved in this process.

Surgical interventions will be performed in cases of type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders (ileal transposition) too. Such operations are already performed with great success.

We plan to perform colorectal (colon surgery) less traumatic (laparoscopic) operations in cases of malignant tumors, as well as benign and non-cancerous diseases.

Patients can address us in case of any surgical pathology – we will provide consultations, comprehensive examination and in case of need, surgical intervention.

We serve both the Georgian patients, and patients from our region (Azerbaijan, Armenia), also patients from foreign countries; we would like to present Georgia as the modern standard health tourism country.

For consultation, please, make an appointment at the following number:
(+995-595) 00 45 59
(+995-593) 14 96 26

To find more information on “Elite Surgeons International” please visit the website: https://www.vipmed.ge/esi/

The material was prepared by Natia Gambashidze.