Laser Rejuvenation

20 Feb 2020 Promotions

Novelty in the clinic Total Charm!

Discover the innovative device from Bluecore Company to achieve the best aesthetic result!

ZenPro 30W is a fractional CO2 laser system.

ZenPro is one of the most powerful narrow beam lasers that provides precise energy delivery at a deep and surface level, making it particularly fast and safe.

  • For skin surface lightening
  • For improvement of skin texture
  • For instant stimulation of tissue coagulation
  • For long-term stimulation of collagen remodeling
  • For correction of deep wrinkles and scars

Please contact us for additional information on procedures.

Contact Information:
Clinic “Total Charm”
Tbilisi, Georgia:
18 Orbeliani Str.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: (+995 32)  2 18 18 14

Batumi, Georgia
6000, V.Gorgasali st. 15
Tel./Fax: +995 422 29 29 19; +995 422 22 88 22