Mkurnali 2002

Ltd  “Mkurnali 2002″ is a Multi-Profile, Clinical-Diagnostic Center, in which there are incorporated:

  • Cardiology,
  • Women’s Consulting,
  • Family Doctor,
  • Surgery,
  • Dermatology,
  • Endocrinology,
  • Head and Neck,
  • Neurology,
  • Ophthalmology,
  • All kinds of  Ultrasound investigation,
  • X – ray and Physio cabinet,
  • Laboratory.

Get registered in “Mkurnali 2002″ and receive full and quality service within the overall insurance program.

  • Clinical,
  • Biochemical,
  • Immunofermental and Bacteriological laboratory that are equipped with the newest apparatus.
  • Operates Obstetrics and Gynecology Service, which within the government program, provides free service to the pregnant. The polis is provided to the pregnant women.
  • You can receive full and quality service in our clinic.
  • Undergo the systemic, preventive investigations. Let’s take care of your health.
  • Reception of all kinds of Medications, conclusions and prescription is possible.

The clinic participates in overall Healthcare program. If you wish to get insured with us, you will only need to present the personal identity card (you shouldn’t be insured in another place) and we will provide full service that is included in overall insurance program.

You are welcome to our clinic! You will be met with calm environment and highly qualified doctors.

  • Consideration of patient’s interest,
  • Financial availability,
  • The newest technologies in sterilization,
  • Safety and reliability,
  • Right diagnosis – right treatment,
  • Comfortable and warm environment

Think about health with us!

Ltd “Mkurnali – 2002″

87 Tsotne Dadiani st.(next to the “Nadzaladevi”)
Tbilisi, Georgia|
Tel:  +995 322 69 61 15; +995 322 69 41 71; +995 599 556 200

Monday–Friday 10:00 – 16:00