Nanostructured water wins against a tumor!

Water is a basis of our planet and a main constituent part of an organism.

In the context of today’s reality when the world fights against a lot of diseases, taking a large amount of water for our organism is especially important.

Nanostructured water is the product created by innovative technologies on the basis of the long-term researches by means of which various diseases are treated.

Doctor Zurab Kumsiashvili is a creator and innovator of a method of treatment with nanostructured water who began treatment of diseases by this method 15 years ago and this method is very successful in treatment of serious diseases. Which diseases are treated with nanostructured water? What’s the difference between the treatment with nanostructured water and the treatment by modern medicine? Is this method of treatment financed by the state? The journalist of our medical portal VIPMED.GE talked to the full professor, academician of the National Academy of Georgia Zurab Kumsiashvili on these and other interesting issues.

– Zurab, when you have begun researches in the direction of treatment with water?

– I have become interested in the named topic about fifteen years ago, before that I had been working in the traditional medicine. In general 80% of our organism is the water, and the more qualitative the water is, the better the organism will be working. Unfortunately, in the context of today’s reality everyone has problems with health, and that is why I have begun researches in the direction of treatment with water. The research centers of some developed countries of the world have been already working in this direction. I cooperated with the Russian, Canadian, Japanese scientists. I decided to find such water which could be structured in Georgia. Such water has been found near the Mount Didi Abuli, in the Samsari ridge in Javakheti where small artesian lakes are located; they are fed by the ground waters, and the rivers don’t flow into them. Descent to the bottom of this lake and search of a crevice is carried out, from which the water flows and on which the special equipment is installed, connected to a polyethylene pipe, and water leaks out under its own pressure. We receive water in special barrels, and then we transfer them to the laboratory where the water is being processed.

At first we began to make experiments with white mice. Experiments were made in Canada, America, and then in Georgia. Only several scientists from different countries make and produce the structured water though they make it from usual water, and we take artesian water and produce from it.

The Japanese scientist Emoto Masaru thawed the Antarctic ice, then carried out structuring and sold such water in Japan, but the specified water had no lowered surface tension, and it also didn’t change potential.

In general, through the microscope it is very easy to distinguish the structured and unstructured water; the snowflakes resulting from freezing are clearly visible by the special microscope. The structured water should have hexagonal snowflakes, and as a result of research particles of unfrozen water should be observed in crystals by the special microscope. Unstructured water has no form, and we cannot notice any well-organized geometrical figures in it.

– By which main properties does nanostructured water differ from other waters?

– Nanostructured water generally differs from all other waters by four properties used by us: the first is its molecular structure which is changed by us, clusters or groups of their molecules are changed, and a structuring of water is made. The potential of water is changed as well which means that all water has a weak positive potential, and the weak negative potential is also necessary for an organism to receive water. We recharge it and that is very easy. The most difficult is a structuring of water. At the following stage we reduce a water surface tension, as normal water has 73, and blood – 55 dynes (we reduce it up to 60). We also remove heavy water because heavy water contains a deuterium, and this is a toxic agent. Finally, an organism receives such water for which there is no need for energy consumption on recharging or structuring, as the organism where possible itself structures all water. About 80% of the total energy of an organism is used for digestion, processing of food, structuring and recharging of water. It is enough to reduce a certain share of the energy consumption for an organism to obtain a notable health improving effect.

– Whisch diseases do you treat with nanostructured water?

– Range of treatment of diseases with nanostructured water is quite big. First of all, I would like to note that this water isn’t a medicine and therefore it doesn’t contain any chemical additives. By means of this water we give organism an opportunity to fight this or that disease as the organism is capable to fight all diseases. Basically critical patients visit us, we are working very well in the oncology field and we advise patients to be treated by such methods. We are against chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy, only in certain cases we agree with surgery and treatment at us is successfully completed. We accepted a lot of patients for whom the traditional oncology has made the fatal diagnosis and sent them home. In some cases we were able to prolong life, and in others the patient fully recovered. If the patient is treated at early stages of a disease, of course, the result will be more positive. There are such patients who don’t trust us, and they are treated by both our method and chemotherapy. In this case the negative side effects of the chemotherapy are less expressed in these patients.

We treat cardiovascular diseases, lymphedema, the so-called elephantiasis, gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc.

By means of this method of treatment the immune system is improved. As for tumor cells, a certain group of lymphocytes in our blood fights against them, about which doctors don’t speak to patients straight out.   The chemotherapy destroys lymphocytes, to some extent it also stops metastases. However after a certain time the weakened organism can’t fight tumor cells anymore and as a result of this we get a sad outcome. Therefore we always recommend our patients to use a healthy method of treatment. We have seen many patients who died from chemotherapy, from chemotherapy and not from oncological diseases.

– Which equipment do you use for structuring water?

– We have created special devices which structure water, we have produced a structurator by ourselves, as this a highly sophisticated equipment. We also have a device for a surface tension. Freezing of the brought water, removal of heavy water is a whole technology, and all this is carried out by means of the equipment. A half of the brought water is discharged after removal of heavy water and another half is left for processing.

– Zurab, have you experienced treatment with your water?

– When I started working, I had problems with a pancreas, I was operated on in Moscow, and this is where it all started, I was looking for waters and alternative methods, at that time I even more thoroughly studied a question of what fights disease in an organism. Nowadays we have implemented the other methods of treatment as well: structured water, structured ointments, orgon cabins, linguistic and wave genetic programs which give a notable health improving effect in treatment of various diseases.

– Are such treatment costs financed by the state?

– The state doesn’t finance treatment costs at our place. I have had numerous discussions on this issue in the Ministry of Health. Everyone has positively accepted our initiative; they like our methods, but don’t finance us. I have repeatedly addressed the government with an initiative to establish a powerful alternative oncological treatment and research center, but even in the world there is no such center, as existence of such center is hampered by those pharmaceutical companies which produce medicines and means used for treatment of oncological patients. Some representatives of the health care system suggested to open a big shop in the city where we would sell the named water, however all of this requires investment of about half a million dollars. We have spent all our funds in this business.

– You have also spoken about your future plans…

– We have implemented various methods of treatment with water which are working very well: orgon cabin, linguistic and wave genetic programs. It would like to note that this method is widely used for treatment in Russia. And most importantly, patients are satisfied with our treatment, and they bring other patients that means a lot to us. We have patients from abroad, and, fortunately, their treatment is successfully completed. If there was an opportunity, we would establish a small treatment and research center and would conduct joint researches with traditional oncologists that would give a clear picture of how our methods are effective. Such researches should be conducted on patients with the identical diagnosis, of course, according to their desire. Both our center and academy are in full readiness with regards to this question.

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