Natia Mamrikishvili MD.

Natia Mamrikishvili MD.



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Todua Clinic

13 Tevdore Mgvdeli st., 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia
Todua Clinic on Vera - Jacob Nikoladze #10

(032) 2 57 57 57

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Personal Information

Natia Mamrikishvili

Date of birth: 27.05.1984

Specialty:  Ultrasonography

Place of work/position:

  • Acad. F. Todua Medical Center, doctor-ultrasonographist

Field of activity: Radiology, Ultrasonography

Medical experience: Since 2010

  • 2001-2007 – Quality Management University. Faculty of Medicine. Specialty – general profile doctor;
  • 2007-2011 – Tbilisi State Medical University, Postgraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development Center. Specialty – medical radiology;
  • 2016 – Training course of the European Academy of Neurologists, neurology, neurosonography, assessment of cerebrovascular conditions with duplex scanning;
  • 2018 – Advanced training courses – duplex scanning of cerebral blood vessels, clinical aspects of blood circulation disorders, endovascular treatment methods of cerebrovascular disorders. Minsk, Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery.
  • 2010-2011 – OrthoGeorgia – manager of the ultrasonographic office;
  • 2011 – 2021 – National Center of Surgery – Reception Diagnostic Department – Ultrasonographist;
  • Since 2021 – till now – Acad. F Todua Medical Center, Ultrasonographist.
  • 2016 – 2019 – Tbilisi State Medical University, Postgraduate Education and Continuing Professional Development Center – invited specialist (lecturer, local head of the course) dopplerography/duplex scanning of central and peripheral blood vessels.
  • Member of the Association of Cerebral Hemocirculation and Neurosonology of Georgia.
  • Member of the Association of Radiologists of Georgia and Europe.
  • Member of the European Association of Rheumatology.
  • Constantly improves qualifications by attending webinars or various scientific conferences.

I am doing the following research:

  • Ultrasonography of abdominal organs – multiparametric evaluation: B-mode, dopplerography, elastography;
  • Ultrasonography of the urinary system and small pelvic organs – multiparametric assessment: B-mode, dopplerography, elastography;
    Monitoring of the transplanted kidney;
  • Ultrasound diagnostics – in FAST mode;
  • Duplex scan/dopplerography of central and peripheral blood vessels;
    providing access to central veins;
  • Multiparametric evaluation of the thyroid gland (B-mode, elasography); Sabiosio is to mark, to assist;
  • Ultrasound of soft tissues (formations, traumatic injury, inflammatory changes) and lymph nodes;
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy. Fetal size, weight, determination of gestational age, heart rate and feto-placental insufficiency through dopplerography – assessment of flow in the arteries of the uterus, umbilical cord and fetal brain.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluent
English – Fluent