National Center of Audiology

Diagnostic, preventive, habilitation and rehabilitation procedures of an audiological profile are carried out at the National Center of Audiology. Pure tone audiometries, namely impedancemetry – tympanometry, speech audiometry are systematically conducted. A computer-assisted (objective) audiometry, consisting of registration of the average brainstem auditory evoked potentials is also being carried out.

A computer-assisted (objective) audiometry, consisting of registration of the average brainstem auditory evoked potentials is also being carried out. The Center offers a hearing screening, computerized vestibulometry. Retrocochlear pathologies are diagnosed by computer recording of evoked auditory brainstem responses. The logopedic service is called for habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with hearing loss and speech disorders. Sudden hearing loss, tinnitus or the perception of noise or ringing in the ears is being carried out here. Further hearing loss is being prevented in persons with chronic hearing loss through intravenous transfusions of special wide range of different medicines.

The only department of neurotology in Georgia is functioning at the National Center of Audiology, which is headed by a neurootologist, academic doctor of medicine Ekaterine Kharkheli. The department of neurootology offers diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases causing various hearing and vestibular system disorders.

The pathological speech rehabilitation department is functioning at the National Center of Audiology. The head of the department is a speech habilitation therapist, defectologist and a member of Simon Khechinashvili Association of Otorhinolaryngologists of Georgia – Mzia Zenaishvili. The department investigates the causes of pathology in persons with speech disorders, and a set of proper habilitation procedures are prescribed.

The main method of hearing test is the tone threshold audiometry. The purpose of the hearing test is to determine the auditory acuity, the nature of its loss, degree and localization. The test is conducted in a soundproof booth using an audiometer with connected air and bone conduction headphones.

At the National Center for Audiology, with the participation of academic doctor of medicine Natia Svanidze, the causes of hearing loss are determined and a proper multidisciplinary treatment is selected, namely, the rehabilitation of  sudden sensorineural hearing loss, i.e. it is partially or fully restored. The negative dynamics of hearing loss is also blocked. If a hearing loss factor is established, different medical specialists are involved in the choice of integrated treatment: otologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, angiologist, neurosurgeon, and psychologist.

The National Center of Audiology provides diagnosis and rehabilitation of any pathology, including postoperative ones. Treatment procedures include: electrotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy for the larynx, local medication therapy of the vocal cords. All procedures are carried out using modern approaches. Particularly noteworthy is the rehabilitation of vocal fold paresis or recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis with the help of electrophonopedic stimulation. Phoniatrist Irina Katsarava is always ready to help everyone who needs this or that phoniatric help.

Diagnosis of hearing loss in children is carried out using specialized computer systems. The nature and degree of hearing loss is determined by registration of the brainstem and/or cortical auditory evoked potentials. Hearing loss causes delays in the development of a child’s speech and, consequently, intelligence. Accordingly, timely detection of hearing loss and the initiation of proper habilitation or rehabilitation procedures are crucial for the child’s normal development.

The laboratory of the National Center of Audiology conducts more than fifty types of clinical and laboratory researches of the world leading companies: by means of diagnostic computerized automated or semi-automatic analyzers Sysmex xs 500i (Japan), Human Biochemistry and Human Immunology Analyzer (Germany) and Mythic 18 Haematology Analyzer (USA), which give the opportunity to conduct a full range of laboratory researches. The laboratory uses original test systems and consumables of the corresponding manufacturers.

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