Nino Akiashvili MD.

Nino Akiashvili MD.



Nino Akiashvili - The credo of life

“Primum non nocere” – Hippocrates


Working Place

Caucasus Medical Center

Kavtaradze st. 23, Tbilisi, Georgia

(032) 2 600 600

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Professional Skills

Health Care 100%
Patient Relationship 100%
Professional Development 100%

Personal Information

Nino Akiashvili

Date of birth: 29.05.1972

Specialty: Neurology.

Place of work:

  • Head of the Department of Neurology of the Caucasus Medical Center.

Field of activity: NeurologyInternal Medicine.

Medical experience: since 2001

  • 22 years of experience in the medical field.
  • Doctor-Neurologist, The Head of the Department of Neurology at the Caucasus Medical Center.
  • Member of Georgian Society of Neurologists, WFN and EFNS Corporations and Society of Movement Disorders.
  • Participant of many international and local trainings.
  • Since 2008, she actively attended symposia and congresses held abroad.
  • With her participation, a number of scientific works have been published.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluent
English – Fluent