Dermoscopic Examination

Take a diagnostic dermoscopic examination on the latest device!

Dermatoscopy is an examination of the skin surface with a special device (dermatoscope).

Why do we use dermatoscopy?

  • It is easy to differentiate between pigmented and non-pigmented formations;
  • It is a non-invasive and relatively available research method;
  • It is possible to diagnose diseases of the hair and nails with the help of a dermatoscope;
  • Dermatoscopy reduces unnecessary biopsies for diagnosis of dermatoses;
  • It is possible to monitor lesions through periodic patient visits.

The latest technology advancement in dermatoscopy is the digital dermatoscope, one of the models of which is the Molemax HD.

Benefits of digital dermatoscopy:

  • Less injuries to the skin
  • Ease of use
  • Rational use of time
  • Analysis and monitoring of skin diseases by using the automatic mode of the device
  • Collection of complete patient documentation

The digital diagnostic method has a high degree of accuracy. In the case of moles, after evaluating dermoscopic parameters (borders, symmetry, presence of pigmented areas, coloring), the program automatically calculates the degree of malignancy of the moles and a risk of their malignant degeneration.

Molemax HD is a dermatoscope of the latest generation, which is notable for high-quality digital imaging, accuracy of data management software, versatility of use that makes it widely used in everyday dermatological practice.

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