Teeth whitening

The Latest Generation Diode Laser from the American Company EPIC ™

Using the latest generation diode laser from the American company EPIC ™, it is possible to carry out teeth whitening procedures. Today, teeth whitening by a diode laser is the most common method in the world. The gel that covers the enamel surface contains a special pigment.

It has a unique ability to absorb laser radiation, which results in a deeper penetration of atomic oxygen.

The advantages of the device are:

  • The effect of the laser beam is pulsed and local, which eliminates thermal damage to soft tissues and discomfort during the procedure;
  • The mechanism of action of the laser device allows the dentist to accurately select the intensity and duration of the beam;
  • There is no change in the structure of enamel and, therefore, there is no increased sensitivity;
  • After the procedure, the enamel remains as smooth and sparkling as before the procedure.

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