Psychological Rehabilitation of Cardiac Patients

20 Feb 2020 Promotions

Cardiovascular diseases in Georgia rank first in terms of disability and mortality. In case of timely cardiac surgery and psychological rehabilitation, the patient returns to an active life.

Cardiovascular surgery is performed using highly advanced technologies. At the same time, the clinic pays active attention to the patient’s psychological support as a concomitant component of this process.

Psychological intervention is a part of cardiac surgery, where stress management plays an important role as a factor of reducing cardiac events.

The person’s physical health, mental state and environment – this is how the team of Bokhua Center of Cardiovascular Diseases considers the most rational biopsychosocial model of relationship with patient and provides patients with a program of full psychological support. In the pre- and postoperative periods, psychological support includes providing a psychological education adapted to the patient’s needs, symptom relief, distinction of old and postoperative symptoms, and behavior modification. Psychotherapy also allows a person to more objectively assess the period of rehabilitation and study the behavior of self-care.

Psychological intervention helps to involve patient, identify problems, recognize automatic thoughts, activate behavior, and change dysfunctional relationships.

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