Tbilisi Central Hospital

Tbilisi Central Hospital is a leading multiprofile center where almost all types of urgent and planned medical services are provided. Department of urgent and emergency medical care (Emergency), out-patient department with multipurpose diagnostic center, 7 operating rooms, resuscitation and in-patient clinic operate in the Hospital.

One of the main directions of the clinic is surgery. The center of laparoscopic surgery of the clinic is fully equipped and staffed by leading specialists. Surgical operations of all types and complexity are performed in the clinic with use of the latest FULL HD technologies.

The department of surgery also includes bariatric surgery – weight correction surgery, metabolic surgery (surgery of diabetes of the 2nd type), traumatology, maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, proctology.Since November, 2014 on the basis of Tbilisi Central Hospital the neurosurgical center equipped with the newest technologies of modern standards has been opened. For the first time in Transcaucasia, Tbilisi Central Hospital has implemented a system of neuromonitoring of Medtronic production giving an opportunity to conduct intraoperative monitoring, which is important for reducing postoperative injuries.

Tbilisi Central Hospital is fully equipped with the newest equipment of leading manufacturers, the diagnostics department includes: magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, ultrasound examinations, X-ray, endoscopy, encephalography.

The most important part of the clinic is Tbilisi Central Laboratory which has just a few analogues in Transcaucasia.

Tbilisi Central Hospital

1 Chachava str.,/ 5 Lubliana str.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:  032 2 10 44 44
E-mail: info@tch.ge
Web-site: www.tch.ge

 Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00
 Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 14:00