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Your Family Nurse NMS 24/7
88 Vazha Phshavela Ave., Tbilisi
+995 595 05 49 78
E-mail: gadasxma.ge@gmail.com

Nurse Home Servise

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Laboratory Transfusion


Professional Skills

Health Care 100%
Patient Relationship 100%
Professional Development 100%

Personal Information

Teona Abuladze

Date of birth: 20.06.1984

Specialty: Nursing

Place of Work/Position:

  • The Founder of Your Family Nurse NMS 24/7.

Field of activity: Intravenous therapy, injections, home care service

Medical experience: since 2003

Our service:

Intravenous transfusions, bladder catheterization;
Wound treatment twist
Care of beds
Injection into a vein into a muscle under the skin
Bladder catheterization
Gas enema
Management of the rehabilitation period after surgery
24-hour nurse patronage
Remove the set of clamps;
Removal of the stapled set (with anti-stapler);
Patient hygiene washing clothes;
Nurse home servise.

Cystoscopy assistant nurse;
Gynecology office nurse;
Urology, andrology office nurse;
Duodenogastroscopy assistant nurse, therapy nurse;
Nurse of the pediatric office;
Laboratory phlebotomist, mammology nurse;
Radiology room nurse during thyroid biopsy.

  • 2001-2003 – College of Tbilisi Medical School “Tbilisi”.
  • Since 2003 – as a broad-profile nurse in the Interclinic;
  • 2011 Stuttgart Laboratory Nurse Phlebotomist;
  • 2012 Laboratory “Sinevo Laboratory” Phlebotomist nurse;
  • 2013, Founder of the “Hamburg Laboratory” laboratory assistant in the field of phlebotomy.
  • 2021 Founder of Your Family Nurse NMS 24/7.
    Call service for a nurse’s apartment in Tbilisi, Batumi area
    We serve patients with a mobile team of professional nurses.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Goog
English – Goog
Turkish – Goog