Zaza Katashvili MD.

Zaza Katashvili MD.

Mammologist, Oncosurgeon


Zaza Katashvili - The credo of life

The secret of my success is in my hands. The purpose of life is to keep people alive, to improve their quality of life.


Working Place

Todua Clinic

13 Tevdore Mgvdeli st., 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia
Todua Clinic on Vera - Jacob Nikoladze #10

(032) 2 57 57 57

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Scientific Rank

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Professional interests

Professional Skills

Health Care 100%
Patient Relationship 100%
Professional Development 100%

Personal Information

Zaza Katashvili

Date of birth: 19.02.1969

Specialty: Oncology, Mammology

Scientific Rank: Candidate of Medical Sciences

Place of work/Position: Acad. Fridon Todua Medical Center, Head of the Department of Mammology.

Field of activity: Oncology, Mammology.

Medical experience: since 1999

  • 2014 – Current – Acad. Fridon Todua Medical Center, Head of the Department of Mammology.
  • 1994 – 2014 – Oncology National Center, Mammologist.
  • Since 2013 – Head of the Residency Program.
  • Since 2001 – Member of the National Association Against Cancer.
  • Since 2004 – Member of the Georgian Association of Oncologists.
  • Since 1997 has participated in different local and International Conferences and Congresses
  • Author and co-author of 15 scientific papers.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluent
English – Fluent