Zhordania Clinic Vake Branch

Zhordania Clinic is one of the first leading specialized medical centers in the field of gynecology and reproductive medicine of women and men. Synthesis of treatment and diagnostic studies, many years of experience and modern methods introduced in clinic offer a guarantee for safe and effective treatment. The team of professional doctors provides each patient with high-quality medical services taking into account the international standards of treatment and individual approaches to patients.

The updated Zhordania Clinic includes the following directions:

Obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive medicine – treatment of female and male infertility, office gynecology, endoscopic surgery, pediatric gynecology, genetics, mastology, dermatology, complete laboratory researches, genetic researches.

Effective, successful and modern methods of treatment of infertility, i.e. sterility are introduced here with participation of highly skilled team of embryologists and doctors, and with use of the assisted reproductive technologies:

Intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis of an embryo.

In vitro fertilization with participation of egg donor, sperm donor and surrogate mother on the basis of medical indications.

Ovarian stimulation in accordance with the international protocols for the purpose of minimization of risks of complications and effective treatment that leads to desired pregnancy.

  • Effective treatment of female and male infertility irrespective of complexity and causing reasons.
  • Diagnosis of development of malformations of female and male genital and reproductive organs, with the joint participation of a geneticist and pediatric gynecologist.
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents and their awareness of those issues.
  • Woman’s surgical treatment for establishment of the accurate diagnosis and in view of her reproductive age, for the purpose of maximum maintaining the fertility or reproductive function.
  • Carrying out invasive gynecologic researches without anesthesia, analgesia and often without special preparation.
  • Prevention of major surgery by much more atraumatic microsurgical method, in the conditions of office hysteroscopy.
  • Full diagnosis of male factor infertility and its targeted treatment.
  • Maintaining fertility at oncological patients, sperm and egg freezing.
  • Menstrual disorders at women of pubertal, reproductive, perimenopausal and menopausal ages.
  • Climacteric period and postmenopausal period disorders.
  • Treatment of pelvic inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases.
  • Modern methods of treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome and acne.
  • Fight against endometriosis as one of the reasons for infertility with individual approach to the patient, taking into account an ovarian reserve and age of the woman.
  • Timely diagnosis and treatment of breast pathologies, consultations with mammologist.
  • Management of physiological pregnancy, as well as high-risk pregnancy, with a history of infertility, habitual abortion and other somatic diseases.
  • Prenatal genetic diagnosis of pregnant women, complete ultrasonography for identification of fetal abnormalities at an early stage.
  • Diagnosis of cervical pathologies – a colposcopy, early diagnosis and treatment of precancerous conditions: a targeted biopsy, cervical conization, treatment of genital polyps, condylomas.
  • Timely diagnosis of cervical abnormalities with use of office hysteroscopy.
  • Carrying out complex preventive researches, consultation with geneticist, planning for pregnancy.
  • Ultrasonography with use of the modern ultrasonic equipment.
  • Selection of individual methods of contraception. Diagnosis and prevention of habitual abortion with individual and at the same time complex approaches to patients.

Zhordania Clinic Vake Branch

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