Bokhua Cardiovascular Center


The greatest contribution to development of vascular and reconstructive surgery in Georgia was brought by professor Nodar Bokhua, under the direct supervision and participation of which over a short period of time the powerful scientific and practical center was founded in our country where today, It would be no exaggeration to say that practically all types of complicated reconstructive operations on the aorta and on its visceral and brachiocephalic branches, on the main arteries of the extremities are carried out.

The named Center was founded on the basis of the Laboratory of Microsurgery of Vessels of the academician K. Eristavi Institute of Experimental and Clinical Surgery (founded in 1976) in May, 1980 and since its establishment up to March, 1995 the Center had been managed by the professor N. Bokhua until his tragic death. Since 1995 professor Kote Kipiani has been the head of the Center. Till 2011 the Clinic had been named N. Bokhua Center of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, and in May, 2011 after the sphere of activity of clinic had been expanded, the new department of interventional cardiology was opened and the center has been renamed into N. Bokhua Cardiovascular Center.

The main aim of our Center activity is a care for patients, full satisfaction with their needs and desires. Team work, friendly and harmonious cooperation create the atmosphere in which patients of our clinic feel safe. Hi-tech medical opportunities, professional care, physical therapy and social services are the list which is contributing to the care for patients. The medical personnel of N. Bokhua Cardiovascular Center are constantly taking retraining courses. The latest facilities and modern technical equipment produced by the leading brands make it possible to provide each patient with high-quality medical care.

An important priority for clinic is social awareness, economic responsibility and good faith cooperation with partners. Our Center supports progress in medicine and participates in regional medical and public activities. Each aspect promotes uniqueness of the Center in the region which is the prime choice for patients of neighboring countries as well, in order to receive necessary treatment.

Doctors, professors known within and outside our country work in the Clinic:

The Center has scientific and practical relations with the world’s leading clinical physicians among which we should mention MD. PhD, Eric Chemla (UK, London) MD, PhD, Sriram Iyer, (USA, NY), who often participate in scientific and practical conferences of the Clinic, as well as in open surgical and endovascular interventions.

In Bokhua Cardiovascular Center such directions of vascular surgery as open and endovascular surgery at aneurysms of brachiocephalic branches, thoracic and abdominal aortas, aortic occlusive diseases and the main arteries of lower limb are successfully conducted. The Clinic has a great experience of open surgical and endovascular treatment of venous and arterial thromboses, including catheter directed thrombolysis.

The Clinic has unique experience of endovascular treatment of the critical ischemia developed during occlusive injury of arteries of lower leg and foot (including against the diabetes) that has considerably reduced cases of extremity amputations.

It should be noted that wide experience of the Clinic in the field of phlebology allows doctors to offer patients modern methods of treatment of venous pathologies, such as: laser ablation, stem and compression sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy and different preventive and precautionary measures of the development of trophic ulcers and modern methods of their treatment.

Bokhua Cardiovascular Center

1 Chachava str.,/ 5 Lubliana str.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone:  032 2 51 70 08

 Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00