Georgian Foot And Ankle Institute

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Jemal Chimburide MD.

Director of the Institute

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Georgian Foot And Ankle Institute

B. Kalandadze str 26, Tbilisi, Georgia

032 230 99 09

History of the Clinic

The Georgian Foot And Ankle Institute was founded in 2018 with the support of the American organization GraMedica and the patronage of American ankle specialists.

The Ankle Institute in Tbilisi was established as a regional center where patients with congenital and acquired deformities of the ankle in our region gather.

The Clinic Today

Our mission is to develop a field in the region called ankle surgery – podiatry, which is presented as a separate field in many developed countries, which is a qualitatively very important and difficult direction.

Clinic Directions

Since ankle surgery is a branch of orthopedics, you know that orthopedics is a Greek word (orthopedic) and means the supervision of correct upbringing, hence one of the activities of the ankle institute is the supervision, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the ankle from zero to infinite age.

Our clinic offers patients a full spectrum of ankle diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The treatment methodology fully complies with medical guidelines approved in Europe, etc.

The leading specialist of our clinic is Elie C. Daniel, who is an American podiatrist, doctor of medicine, a member of Gramedica Institute. ankle master a surgeon specializing in flat ankle surgery at Illinois State’s premier specialty center. A professor at the University of Chicago, he is personally involved in the stages of diagnosis and treatment of all complex clinical cases and monitors rehabilitation treatment.

The principle of work of the ankle institute is based on the principles of teamwork, which involves the active involvement of specialists from both local and other countries.