National Center for Diabetes Research

National Center for Diabetes Research – For Your Health!

Ramaz Kurashvili MD. Ph.D.

Director of the Clinic

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National Center for Diabetes Research

1 Chachava str., Tbilisi

(032) 272 90 81

About Clinic

The National Diabetes Research Center has been operating since 1992. It is located on the 4th floor of Digomi Hospital (Chachava St. 1). The center is equipped with modern medical equipment, and all necessary clinical and laboratory examinations are performed.

Diabetes education school operates in the territory of the center; Editor of the magazine – “Diabetes and Health”.


  • 24-hour ECG and blood pressure monitoring;
  • Cardiac autonomic neuropathy testing;
  • General analyses of blood and urine;
  • Biochemical analyses;
  • Lipid spectrum;
  • Coagulogram;
  • Early marker of nephropathy – microalbuminuria;
  • In Georgia, he has the greatest experience in the field of hormonal research (sexual, thyroid, insulin, C-peptide, etc.), immunoenzymatic research.
  • Transcranial dopplerography of the brain – prevention of cerebral stroke;
    biophysical testing of the body;
  • Diagnosis of neuromuscular conduction;
  • Individual diet;
  • Echoscopy – ultrasound examination – heart, internal organs; Thyroid, mammary glands;
  • Detection of risk factors for chronic diseases, early diagnosis and treatment;
  • Diagnosis and management of eye complications;
  • Dual-energy X-ray densitometry (DEXA);
  • Several international programs and randomized trials are implemented in the center;
  • Neurodiagnostic research;
  • The Center implements the “Diabetes Management” state program within the framework of the specialized outpatient care component (with co-payment).

Our Team:

Highly qualified specialists work in the center:

Prof. Ramaz Kurashvili, doctor of medicine, endocrinologist;
Natalia Asatiani, MD, associate professor;
Marika Orjonikidze, neuropathologist, doctor of medicine, associate professor;
Tinatin Akhobadze, doctor of medicine, cardiologist;
Nana Baghishvili, doctor-radiologist;
Nugzar Kumaritashvili, doctor of medicine, full professor, otorhinolaryngologist;
Marina Naneishvili, rheumatologist;
Grigol Bregadze, neurosurgeon;
Igor Simonishvili, gastroenterologist;
Guljavar Kebuladze, Doctor of Biology.


Ketevan Paghava, Givi Kurashvili, Maya Nishnianidze, Eka Skhiladze, Teona Ghvaladze, Tamar Maghradze, Anna Kopaleishvili.