Dental clinic “Dental Line”

For me, as the head of the clinic, it is important to get the desired result by introducing modern approaches to treatment, and as for the doctor – the positive emotion of a satisfied patient.

Dimitri Khechanov

Founder and Head of the Clinic.

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Dental clinic "Dental Line"

63, Gorgasali St. 0114 Tbilisi, Georgia

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About Clinic

Our clinic Dental Line was established in 2008, where 5 employees initially worked. In 2018, the clinic was significantly expanded and equipped with modern equipment, which allows the patient to receive full dental services in one space.

Clinic Today

Our philosophy is to provide each patient with the best dental services considering their individual needs.

Dental Line is a future-oriented dental clinic, where we are constantly looking for development. Our daily challenge is to ensure safe and comfortable treatment.

Dental Line Clinic is equipped with modern equipment. Dental
treatment is carried out using advanced technologies.

To ensure maximum safety, the tools are sterilized with the latest generation autoclave, and as for disinfectant solutions German-made products have been chosen.


Therapeutic treatment of the tooth includes the treatment of dental caries (damage to the hard tissue of the tooth, decay) and its complications – pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve) and periodontitis (inflammation of the tissue around the tooth).

Therapeutic treatment is carried out with complete control of visiography, which provides a complete treatment of the tooth, without any complications.

Remember, it is necessary to make an allergy test once every 6 months before dental treatment.

Dental surgical treatment includes surgical treatment of pathological processes developed in the oral cavity. It includes:

  • Pediatric surgery
  • Tooth extraction (removal)
  • Removal of retained tooth (impacted tooth), root
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Bone plastic surgery, root tip resection
  • Treatment of various chronic processes in the maxillofacial area
  • Periodontology.

Piezo surgery helps the doctor to perform complex procedures with high accuracy, which leads to:

  • Minimal damage to superficial tissues
  • Minimize unpleasant sensations during and after surgery
  • Atraumatic, painless procedure
  • Mild and fast rehabilitation process.

Dental implantation involves the implantation of an artificial root into the alveolar ridge of the jaw (jaw bone). The implant itself is an imitation of the root, which is fixed in the bone and a single crown, bridge or denture is attached to it for subsequent defect restoration.

The design and final appearance of the implant look like this: the implant and the abutment installed on it. The abutment connects the implant to the artificial crown. The dental implant is designed for those who have lost one or more teeth, do not want to insert a bridge, and/or have problems with removable denture: vomiting reflex, weak fixation when talking and eating.

The implantation procedure includes the following stages:

  • Planning
  • Implant placement
  • Integration (healing with bone)
  • Crown making, adjusting, cementing.

Orthodontics is the part of dentistry that helps to correct misaligned jaws and teeth.

Cleaning tight and misaligned teeth is difficult, increases the risk of premature tooth loss, increases the risk of gum disease, caries and other complications:

  • Fatigue of the jaw muscles due to incorrect contact
  • Excessive unwanted load on the temporomandibular joint
  • Aesthetic discomfort

Tooth straightening has many benefits, including a healthy mouth cavity, a pleasing appearance, and healthy teeth themselves, which will retain longer in the patient.

Orthopedic dentistry is intended for treatment with removable or non-removable orthopedic constructions in case of partial, unilateral or complete defects of the tooth or dental system, which provides restoration of chewing function and correction of aesthetic discomfort.

What constructions are used in orthopedic dentistry?

  • Removable partial and complete prostheses
  • Fixed single crown or bridge construction
  • To restore the remaining root stump “pin with stump”

Which modern methods of treatment are there?

  • Elastic prostheses
  • Embossed Zircon monolithic crown or complete bridge construction, as well as nanocomposite pin with stump and crown
  • All of the above constructions in combination with dental implants

Teeth whitening is the most topical procedure in aesthetic dentistry.

Age, nutrition, medications, wear are list of causes that gradually lead to tooth decay and loss of whiteness.

To improve the aesthetics, it is necessary teeth whitening chemically, i.e. In-office Whitening. The procedure is completely safe, especially when performed by an experienced doctor in full compliance with the protocol.

Teeth whitening is associated with the activation of hydrogen by chemical, radiant agents. Free oxygen atom released as a result of activation penetrates into the hard tissues of the tooth so that does not to damage it and burns organic compounds, removing the proteins of the pigments present in the hard tissues of the tooth. These changes visually give the effect of teeth whitening.

During In-office Whitening, every 15 minutes the patient observes the process himself and chooses the degree of whitening.