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German Hospital

45a Kosmonavtebi str., Left Bank, Tbilisi

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About Clinic

German Hospital is a multi-profile clinic that offers a high quality service with our German and Georgian top grade specialists. Hospital is equipped with high-tech diagnostic center and modern standard gadgets. German Hospital is a new word in this field, where the highest service is available. If needed, analyses are sent in Germany and even pictures of Tomography and roentgen are checked and deciphered by German professors.

The members of the Scientific council of the hospital are the professors of the medical department of Munich Technical University. Quality control is done by Prof. Peter Henningsen, the curator professor of the surgery direction Karl Bernhard Meyer, the curator professor of the pediatric direction Mall Volker and the curator professor of the oncologic direction Christian Peschel. From the Georgian side, the representative of the council is Prof. Gia Khubua. By the coordination of him German doctors and professors are engaged in the workflow of German Hospital.

Clinic Today

Hospital is located in the center district of Tbilisi, on the left side of the river Mtkvari, that makes it easier to access the hospital. The building has 8 floors and 120 beds that are counted on adults as well as children. The hospital has a whole different, modern concept: German high quality medical help along with the service. You know an uncomfortable feeling while visiting hospitals, right? That is not what to expect from us. Every patient has a companion of ours, that will be with the patient during the whole time visiting hospital. Staff is equipped with the Android Tablets, that give a full information about patients. The Wards are equipped with separate toilets and showers. Feeding is included in the medical service fee.

Most of the pediatric department has one bedroom wards, to get rid of the infectious diseases to spread and make children and their parents comfortable and safe. There is a cafeteria in the hospital where visitors can have a rest and a food.

Our main goal is to reduce the amount of patients that are going abroad from Georgia to receive the treatment they need and give them the exact same quality medical service with the Georgian and German doctors in Tbilisi, as they would get it abroad. We are planning to be the best regional Hospital in Transcaucasia and receive patients from Azerbaijan and Armenia. Clinic is participating in the Public health programme and the first level provider of the Private Insurance Companies.


German Hospital offers a wide spread of high quality Angiology services, based on ultra modern technology. Reconstructive surgeries are done on upper and lower limb arteries and abdominal and carotid arteries as well.

We provide surgery interferences during the venous pathologies and microsurgeries to a blood vessel’s nerves and tendon-like structure sufferings. Besides the surgeries Replantations are done.

High-end Angiologic services are available to receive on 24/7

The department of Anesthesiology and Critical medicine is completed by the medpersonal experienced and educated in different fields. most of the doctors have worked in leader clinics of the world.

Work of the department is based on teamwork. Treatment follows the guidelines and protocols of the modern medical methodology. Our priorities are the safety of the patient and high quality of treatment. We have a continuous educational and training programmes. Average medpersonal is actively involved in medical and educational processes.

Department is equipped bythe leading brands of modern technology:

  • Anesthetic machines
  • ICU Fans
  • Multifunctional monitors
  • various vital functions’ substitutional therapy systems
  • diagnostic, healing and patient carrier equipment

Co-working and Consulting is done with the European colleagues, that are also involved in evaluating and controlling extraordinary and hard clinic accidents.

There are no age restrictions for the treatment.

German Hospital offers an ambulatory service with the highly qualified, experienced and professional staff. They provide high end echoscopy and radiology examinations, Echocardiography and loading tests. Ambulatory Department is equipped with ultra modern technology and patient comfort and safety oriented.

The Department of Microsurgery of the German Hospital offers 24-hour
services of the highly qualified specialists who provide operations in the
following areas:

  • Scar Correction
  • Restoration of Damaged Tendons, Reconstruction, Plastic
  • Restoration of Damaged Peripheral Nerves, Reconstruction, Plastic
  • Shoulder Strap Reconstruction, Diupiutreno Contracture (excision of Hand Aponeurosis)
  • Wrist Tunnel Syndrome (Midline Nerve Decompression)
  • Elbow Tunnel Syndrome (Elbow Nerve Decompression)
  • Cracking finger (Cut Ring Yogic)
  • post-burn or Blunt Contracture
  • Hygroma (Hygroma Extraction)
  • Different Hand Cluster tumors (Tumor Extraction)
  • Shoulder Strap Injury (Shoulder Strap Plastic) old injury of the Peripheral Nerves (reconstructive surgery)
  • Sciatica Nerve injury (nerve stitches, plastic, reconstruction)
  • Nerve damage (nerve stitches, plastic, reconstruction)
  • Treatment of unhealable wounds of different localization.