GLMA – The Georgian Association of Laboratory Medicine

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Manana Akhvlediani MD. Ph.D.

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GLMA - The Georgian Association of Laboratory Medicine

16 Shartava str., Tbilisi, Georgia

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History of the Association

GLMA – The Georgian Association of Laboratory Medicine

The Association of Laboratory Medicine of Georgia was founded in 1998 as a non-political, non-profit organization. The primary goal of the association is to raise awareness of laboratory medicine in Georgia, to introduce the latest methods and technologies available at the international level, and to raise the qualifications of laboratory personnel.

About Association

The Georgian Association of Laboratory Medicine promotes and coordinates scientific, charitable, intellectual and professional activities in Georgia.
The association is guided by the following 4 principles: independence, quality, transparency and objectivity.

Since its inception, 237 medical laboratory practitioners have joined the association. All members are engaged in at least practical, scientific-research and/or educational activities in laboratory medicine.

The current president, The Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Manana Akhvlediani, has been actively involved in the activities of the association for two decades. She leads a board of 23 members with extensive and diverse experience.

The board’s responsibility is to ensure maximum benefit to the members of the association and to the industry in general.

One of the founders of the association is Tbilisi State Medical University, which supported initiatives and cooperated in the preparation of certification questionnaires and certification exams for medical laboratory practitioners.

The association is focused on the continuous improvement and development of the medical laboratory industry in Georgia.

The GLMA also acts as an arbitrator in resolving disputes between laboratories and patients at the request of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare.
The year 2019 was quite fruitful for the Association of Laboratory Medicine of Georgia.

The first congress was convened in June 2019, which was characterized by high activity. This was followed by an international conference on quality control and assurance of laboratory medicine, which was also organized by the Association of Laboratory Medicine of Georgia. Various conferences and workshops related to laboratory medicine were organized throughout Georgia.

In November 2019, GLMA became a full member of the IFCC, and on July 17, 2020, at the joint meeting of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM), which consists of 40 national societies and associations, a decision was unanimously made to “Georgian Laboratory Medicine Association” (GLMA) ) about full membership. The mentioned circumstances allow to be involved in many scientific practical projects, educational courses or programs.

GLMA hopes to successfully meet current challenges with shared knowledge and be at the forefront of shaping the medical laboratory industry in Georgia.