Grigol Nemsadze MD. Ph.D.

Grigol Nemsadze MD. Ph.D.

Radiologist, CT and MRI Specialist


Grigol Nemsadze - The credo of life

“It’s not enough to be a doctor, you still have to be able to help.”- Bertolt Brecht.


Working Place

The First University Clinic TSMU

4 Gudamayari St., 0141 Tbilisi, Georgia

(032) 261 01 01

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Radiology, CT and MRI

Scientific Rank

The Doctor of Medicine, TSMU Associate Professor

Professional interests


Professional Skills

Health Care 100%
Patient Relationship 100%
Professional Development 100%

Personal Information

Grigol Nemsadze

Date of Birth: 02.07.1968

Specialty: Doctor Radiologist, CT and MRI Specialist

Scientific Degree: Doctor of Medicine, TSMU Associate Professor

Place of work/ Position:

  • TSMU the First University Clinic. Dr. Radiologist
  • Academic N. Kipshidze Central University Clinic, The main specialist of CT and MRI.
  • Head of Radiology Department of Zhordania Medical Center.

Field of activity: RadiologyCT & MRI.

Medical experience: since 1985

  • 1987-1994 – Department of Therapy, Tbilisi State Medical University.
  • 1997 – EMS Training Center, Republic of Georgia.
  • 1999 – Postgraduate fellowship in Roentgenology, Tbilisi State Medical Academy.
  • 2000 – Full course Computer and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Training Center of the Research Institute of Radiology and Interventional Diagnostics.
  • 2001 – Training course, Department of Computed Tomography, Institute of Surgery at A.V. Vishnevsky, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

Qualification: Diploma of Medical Radiology.

  • 1994-1995 – Pediatrician, Republican Children’s Hospital, Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • 1995 – Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Clinic at G. Zhvania, Tbilisi State Medical University.
  • 1997-2000 – Emergency Doctor, EMS “Qweli”.
  • 2001 – Doctor, Center of Emergency Medicine.
  • 2001 – Doctor, LTD “Geomedica”, Department of Computed Tomography.
  • 2002-2006 – Head of Department, LTD “Geomedica”, Department of Computed Tomography.
  • 2004 – Doctor, Computed Tomography, Department of Neurosurgery, Tbilisi State Medical University.
  • 2005 – Golden Fleece 21 Century Health House. Department of Computed Tomography and Magnetic-Resonance Imaging until now. Doctor, radiologist.
  • 2007 – Tbilisi state medical university, local director of Radiology and English interventional radiology master-program.
  • 2008 – TSMU Post graduated local director of medical radiology program.
  • 2014 – TSMU convended professor of the radiology department.
  • Since 2015, TSMU associated professor of the radiology department.
  • Since 2024, Head of Radiology Department of Zhordania Medical Center.
  • Member of 15 international radiology meeting: Atlantic City 2008. ESR 2011 Viena, CIRSE 2014 Glazgow, RSNA 2014 Chicago. CIRSE 2015 Lisbon,  ESR 2016 Viena, CIRSE 2015 Barcelona.
  • Author of 31 medical articles.
  • Author of book  “Medical Radiology” – published in December of 2016.
  • Georgian Society of Radiology, European society of radiology.
  • European society of cardiovascular and interventional radiology.
  • European Society of Emergency radiology.
  • Radiology society of north America.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluent
English – Medium