Professor Irakli Tchelishvili

Professor Irakli Tchelishvili



The credo of life

Treat others as you would like to be treated and demand from others what you ask of yourself.


Working Place

Multiprofile Medical Center “Innova”

Zurab Anjaparidze I lane N6. Tbilisi, Georgia

(032) 2 232 232

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Scientific Rank

The Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Professional interests


Endovascular Surgery

Professional Skills

Health Care 100%
Patient Relationship 100%
Professional Development 100%

Personal Information

Date of birth: 09.08.1968

Specialty: Neurosurgery

Academic degree: Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Place of work/Position: Head of the Neurosurgical Department of Multi-profile Medical Center Innova

Field of activity: Neurosurgery, Endovascular Surgery.

Medical experience: since 1997

  • 1985-1991 Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Medical faculty;
  • 1991-1992 Internship (specialty – Neurology), Republic Hospital
  • 1997 – 1998, Ruhr University of Bochum, Neurosurgical Department;
  • 1992-2001, Surgery Institute of Georgia;
  • 2001- 2006, Neurosurgeon at S/R Institute of Clinical Medicine;
  • 2006 – 2012, Head of the Neurosurgical Department of S/R Institute of Clinical Medicine;
  • 2012 – 2015, Head of the Neurosurgery Department of St. Michael Multi-profile Clinical Hospital;
  • Since 2015 till now, Head of the Neurosurgical Department of Medical Center Innova
  • Dissertation: Treatment of Neck Degenerative Diseases by front surgical approach.
  • Author of 20 scientific works.

Georgian – Native
Russian – Fluent
English – Fluent
German – Fluent